Yin and Yang of Money with Kathryn Eriksen

Today, I am talking about the Yin and Yang of money with Kathryn Eriksen. Kathryn has been a powerful contributor and participant with my company, WealthClinic. During their conversation we’re discussing money patterns and how it pertains to our behaviors, our beliefs, in our businesses, and in our relationships. Enjoy…

From stressed-out attorney to best-selling author, from victim to victor, from money angst to empowered wealth, Kathryn Eriksen is the Women’s Spiritual Money Coach.

Through her online classes to her Empowered Money Map courses, Kathryn helps women raise their awareness about fearful scarcity and teaches how to create a peaceful relationship with money and wealth. A certified meditation and mindfulness teacher, Kathryn infuses spiritual truths in her speaking, writing, and teaching.

Her latest book is now available on Amazon. “The Money Tree: Transform Scarcity Thinking to Empowered Wealth Consciousness” is a spiritual parable disguised as a lesson plan for anyone with a troubled relationship with money.

Kathryn shared these insightful notes:

  • “That is so funny because that was my experience as well. I was so masculine then I went so feminine. And the problem with that is as I said, we need both. So you become your creative selves and share with the world. I mean we can stay in the feminine connected energy and sit in our office or meditation space but you don’t do anything. I mean, the way I explain it and this was a big part of my book, this is how I’ve come to think of it – we’re called human beings for a reason. And the mistake we’ve made is to focus on the human, the doing part. And we’ve ignored or forgotten the beingness. And I defined “being” as born to express the infinite nature of God. B-E-I-N-G, Born to Express the Infinite Nature of God. And when you think of it like that, we need the doing and the being. And it’s your “being” state that sets your thoughts, sets your bliss, and your emotions and back in inform your actions.”
  • “I think we do it backwards; the world wants us to do first than to have and then we’ll be happy. And that’s why I lived my life for 30 something years, you know, where I was striving, I had a legal practice, we had a great lifestyle, blah blah blah… But the being part at the end just didn’t ever happened to the extent that I wanted it to. And that’s when I realized you have to BE first then you DO then you HAVE by the time you get to having, it’s you. already have the being part. And that’s what we’re really looking for: so being abundant, being happy, being grateful, you know, those states of being that energy will inform your actions which then creates your experience.”
  • “But just as perhaps I spurred you on, you spurred me on. So again, it’s that collaboration and that’s when I realized during quarantine, I’m in Arizona-Texas just shut down and you had your family that was pretty much it. I’ve realized how much I enjoy hearing other people, listening to their stories, being with them, and then working towards a common goal. And you know, as you know, working for yourself, you know, from your own office. The Zoom calls were great, these conversations were great but being in the same room with someone else there’s a lot of energy there that gets exchanged. So if you can do that with your ideas of money and abundance and become that person who radiates, who’s happy, you’re already satisfied because you’re being first. Your impact on everyone you come in contact with is immeasurable.”

Learn more about Kathryn:

Website: EmpoweredWay.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kathryneriksen/

Instagram: @empowered.way

Facebook: @Empowered Way for Womenpreneurs

Twitter: @KathrynEriksen1


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