Why People Buy From You with Stever Werner

Today’s conversation is with Steve Werner who’s sharing what goes on in people’s minds before they buy, before they decide to work with you; what’s happening from a psychology standpoint and how it can help you improve the sales in your business. What’s really fun about this conversation is Steve has a tremendous amount of experience in selling from the stage and he tells his story about how he got started, what he’s up to now and how he helps people. You’ll walk away with not one but several breakthroughs about how you can be more effective in selling to your customers, because you’re creating awesome relationships, right from the start. Enjoy.

Steven shares with us his insights:

  • I made about nine grand and let me tell you that nine grand was like amazing. From there we grew, so 2013 till COVID we held 63 events. 41 of them were my own personal events, and then we held some for clients. I learned speaking on stage I got to go all over the world spoken more than 370 stages digital and physical like live stages. Absolutely love it, but it was not easy, and I will tell you Leisa and I were talking before the show like I got slapped in the face last week by a mistake that I made. Now mistake is not me failure is not me, it is an event that happened and something that we used to learn from and I learned. And I move forward. That’s like one of the main takeaways like we are never done learning; and never done growing; and never done moving forward. And, the minute you think you haven’t figured out, you will get slapped and that’s just part of the growth cycle. Like it’s not – it doesn’t have to be painful right it’s more I think of it more like a playful, like ‘ha!’, like imagine, you know…
  • When things went sideways for you, you figured out. You said, I am going to take action. It might not be the perfect action but I’m okay with that. It is – failure is not me. It is an event and if I learned from it, that’s great because I’ll figure it out next time. Rather than being frozen and having everything go sideways I might as well take action, see what I can do. And it is uncomfortable. Like you will have emotional reactions. Commitment – one of my favorite quotes is ‘commitment doesn’t care how you feel’. Commitment cares that you take action. We make a commitment when we are in a state of euphoric – ‘this is going to be great’; ‘we’re going to do it it’s going to be amazing and we make the commitment’. Where commitment meets the road is when you don’t feel like doing it. When you don’t feel like getting up at 6am and going to the gym that’s when you find out if you’re disciplined and if you’re committed. Same thing goes with this, when things it’s real easy to say, I want to be a millionaire. Right? That’s an easy statement to make. But when it gets hard, when things don’t go the way that you want, when you’re getting made fun of, when your fear of judgment pops its head up — that’s when you decide that’s like every you make that decision over and over and over. So being uncomfortable and still acting — huge trait. Probably one of the top three traits of the massively successful people.
  • I want you to think about the story that I just told you about the teacher. A lot of times what we do – there are a one or two – the people who are looking to learn from you or are looking to be involved with you, they’re at a level one or Level two; we’re to level 10 maybe we’re at a level eight. That’s okay. You just need to get them to move forward a little bit and a lot of times, that is just helping them take action one step after the other, you don’t need to be perfect. I’ve said I’ve stumbled over my words on this talk. I’ve given, spoke on 300 – 350 plus stages this point, I still say ‘uhm’ I stumble around. I forget some stuff sometimes. It doesn’t matter. Authenticity, being direct with people is way better than being super polished. Being super polished – people will look at you, and be like I like, I don’t, I don’t know how to relate to them. Engagement is way more important.
  • One, I always lead with a question, right – how many of you have been on a webinar in the last six months? How many of you have fallen asleep on a webinar in the last six months? I help people build webinars and live events that stop that from happening. That’s enough about me. Hey Leisa, tell me a little bit more about you and what you do and how I can serve you. That’s a much more meaningful conversation or how are you using webinars in your business right now? I know you said that you are speaking a lot. What’s one thing that I could help you with? That is a much more powerful and even if you were to be like – you know I can’t really get into it right now I don’t know how to articulate it. The fact that you showed up, asking a question and being memorable is going to be much more powerful than me spitting 90 seconds of talking as fast as I can.

Eight years ago Steve left his corporate job to change lives through live events and public speaking. Since then he has:

  • Held 63 sold-out events for himself and clients
  • Built and critiqued more than 370 different presentations
  • Spoken on more than 250 live and virtual stages including Harvard’s business summit on marketing, influence, and conversion.
  • When COVID hit ‘pause’ on live events, he pivoted — helping 31 online entrepreneurs launch storyselling webinars that net over $5.1M in sales in the last 18 months.

Steve’s focus is on helping coaches, influencers, and small business owners turn their stories into 6-figure sales machines on the live and digital stage.

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