When Shifts Happen with Leisa Peterson

Today, I’m shaking things up. I’m having a conversation with you and I’m going to share insight gained from a very unexpected situation that occurred when I was invited to go to GAIA Studios, be interviewed by George Noory. I wanted to tell you the story behind the scenes and the tranformation that has led to from myself and perhaps countless others. Enjoy.

Leisa shares with us:

  • And then the series of questions that I gave to George something happened that’s quite magical that bumped at least myself and perhaps George into another state of awareness. Not because we knew what was going on but because we began to speak at a higher self level. I was tuning in to my higher self and my senses is he was also doing the same. In that connection that we made for probably just a few minutes, something happened for him that cause him to change how he felt about forgiving people for things that they had done in the past. I felt that shift happened because this is the kind of things that I do in my coaching. I help people to step out of the pains, step out of the sufferings, step out of all the stuff that’s going on in their business, with their relationships with money and see something; see it all from a higher perspective that they can become the engineer of their life so they can make decisions about being in peace and joy rather than suffering and difficulty.
  • I saw the interview. I wanted you to know it touched me really deeply. I’ve been challenged with forgiveness or holding a grudge and not being able to let it go. Other people is saying I have resentments. I didn’t realize how much they’re holding me hostaged. So much input, right, from people from around the world. You know – Afghanistan, China, Hongkong, Australia, the Netherlands, you name it, like every corner of the planet, South America. People reaching out and saying that touched me. And even if they didn’t understand why I had touched them, they were able to reach out and let me know that something had happened; something had shifted for them in the course of watching that conversation. Now, mind you, I still didn’t totally understand because people reached out after my interviews on a regular basis. But I didn’t understand the difference between when people are reaching out from this interview in comparison to those from the podcasts and the conversations I had with people.
  • So when people are reaching out from all over the world about GAIA, and they’re curious what’s here for me. And they come in and they work with me. They do breakthrough work. They come into one of my business coaching programs. I’ll be crystal clear. I teach business and money because I need a practical vehicle in which to show people their true nature. And running a business, playing with your money or figuring out your money situations are beautiful opportunities to come home to yourself. And that’s all I’m doing is helping people come home to this state of loving, compassionate, blissful, infinite possiblity, awareness. What I sometimes say moving from scarcity into abundance.

I’m so grateful that you’re here. Thank you for listening. Thank you for being open right this growth mindset that I’m sure you know you have – couldn’t be here if oriented for personal growth. So thank you for being open to these nudges inside of you. That there is a better way. That there is a way to live your life with great peace. And also to take good care of yourself, financially. Not because you’re depriving other people of their abilities which is often can be misunderstood. But understanding the power that when you’re able to take good care of yourself, you become incredibly talented and free from obstructions in helping other people do that same thing for themselves. You become a facilitator, a way shower for others…

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