The Truth About Financial Potential with Rocky Lalvani

Today’s Leisa’s interviewing Rocky Lalvani who’s discussing what it takes to build wealth and some of the things business owners can do to help increase their profit potential.

Rocky Lalvani started with $25 when his parents immigrated to the United States when he was two years old, and his parents were in there 40’s. It was his parents’ second time starting over in life and they moved to experience the American dream. In spite of a lot of struggles and his Mom passing away when he was 7, he has been able to achieve financial success.

Rocky spent most of his life chasing what he thought was supposed to make him happy, the American dream and money. When he achieved that goal, he found it didn’t provide what he was expecting. There was no bliss, no happy reward, just the desire of if only (blank) then I will be happy. Listen and learn more.

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