Transformational Writing with Elizabeth Ann Atkins

Today, I’m interviewing my client and friend Elizabeth Atkins. She is a book coach and she’s been writing books for a long time, publishing amazing stories. We’re talking about running a spirit-led business and how writing ties into our personal evolution, the transformation that occurs when we write books. I think that if you’ve ever been curious about is it worth it to take the time to write a book, you’ll be very inspired by this conversation. And, if you’ve already written a book, then, it will probably remind you of some other reasons why you work the way that you do to bring your art into written form. Enjoy…

Elizabeth shared this – “I learn something and another iconic creative synergy especially when I’m book-coaching people like, they come with their ideas, I come with my perspective, my enthusiasm, experience, expertise and all of a sudden in the middle of the conversation, this brilliant things sparkle. And, it’s the creative synergy of two people together in a safe space. So that’s where their book title pops up. That’s where they get the revelation, the focus, the crystallized message…”

Elizabeth Ann Atkins is a best-selling author, an Emmy-nominated TV host, actress, and journalist who teaches how to unlock one’s infinite potential to live and love in peace and purpose. She does that on two main platforms: As America’s Book Coach, she guides aspiring writers along the sometimes treacherous terrain of writing, publishing, and promoting as a published author. Stay tuned for in early July 2021. Her “6 Months to Book Success” group coaching program begins in late July. Register at

As creator and host of The Goddess Power Show with Elizabeth Ann Atkins, and author of The Biss Tribe: Activating Your Goddess Power, she’s on a mission to edu-tain women to live bigger, better, and bolder and achieve their infinite potential.

Elizabeth and sister Catherine M. Greenspan co-founded Two Sisters Writing & Publishing; they have written and published 29 books; Elizabeth has written nearly 40 books, including novels White Chocolate, Dark Secret, and Twilight (with Billy Dee Williams) and her memoir, God’s Answer Is Know: Lessons From a Spiritual Life.

She has a master’s degree in Journalism from Columbia University and a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from the University of Michigan. She studied French at Collège de Rivière-du-Loupe in Québec, Canada.

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