To VA or Not To VA with Molly Rose Speed

Today, I’m interviewing my good friend, past client Molly Rose Speed. She is someone who knows everything you could hope to know being a VA; hiring a VA. She actually does many different things in her business. She has the ability to teach you if you want to become a VA. She can take you down the path of not just getting started but also having clients in like less than a month. She talks about that. Amazing! She also talks about what we want to be thinking about when we hire a VA as a business owner. What should you know when you hire a VA? If it’s not working out, how do you shift and pivot? What can you do to prepare yourself to make sure that the VA that you have is totally showing up in the way you most need help. I love Molly Rose Speed. I’m so excited for you to dive into this conversation and take lots away. Enjoy. 

Molly shares with us her insights: 

  • And then, I’m also going to trust your gut. That’s super important when you’re hiring at all times and also have have that trial period with them. Get to know them. Give them, if you’re working on like a major launch probably don’t give them something really heavy like that. Start small and get to know them. And then, build that trust and make sure that their execution is going well. And lastly, regarding follow through, I think communication is key in any relationship. But especially, when you’re working virtually in this assistant business owner role. So, by having those Monday check-ins where you’re both on the same page…
  • And it’s amazing the different types of people that want those different types of interaction. So, we asked all those questions. So as a business owner, it’s super important to be clear before you hire. You know what, not only what skillsets do they need to have and what tasks are you going to ask of them on a regular basis, and what software do they need to know. But really think about the type of person that you want, as what I call a partner in your business that’s going to come in and love your business, just as you do. Hopefully, if you place the right person there.
  • First of all, it is, by far, in my opinion, the most flexible job on the planet where you can set your own rate. You can work what hours you want. Unless you get a client that needs you from eight to five or you have to be on these certain calls, you know, you work that out. But it’s so great, you know stay at home moms love this. Military spouses. I do have a lot of side hustlers so you can literally plug in from six to ten in the morning. Do your thing from ten to two. And then, pick the kids up and have your night or work after dinner. I mean it’s so flexible. You can do project work too, if you’re just trying to fill in the gaps, eventually, once you kind of learn things. So, that is extremely doable if you’re trying to build your own business and want to have some income coming in, on the side…
  • …Yeah and just to put this into my own personal perspective, you know I shared my story. I started I didn’t know and so I left. I mean, you know this personally, I left hundred thousands of dollars on the table by not knowing my worth; by not knowing how to charge right; by not having the right contracts in place; not offering the services, I actually really wanted to offer. I did a lot of work, I didn’t want to do because I just took what I could. So, there was a lot of pain in growth going at the beginning. And if I had had something like this and that’s why I created it, it would just have been all ready to go. Here we go! I’m a professional certified virtual assistant. And here’s my one sheet; and here’s how you can hire me; and here’s my contract. Just all done in a matter of weeks, and would have saved years of time, stress and wondering and money, money… 

Molly Rose Speed is an expert in creating what everyone wants more of — time freedom. Through her methods of intelligent systems, automation, and outsourcing, you’ll experience another 10-15 hours per week of freedom and flexibility.

As the founder of Virtual Assistant Management which provides trusted Virtual Assistant solutions and flawless tech execution for busy entrepreneurs, Molly Rose is the go-to professional for some of the most successful entrepreneurs and leaders in the financial and personal development industries.

Molly Rose is an awarded military spouse and solo world traveler who believes in creating a business and a life that allows you to do more of what you love. 

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