Thriving Relationships with Marie-Elizabeth Mali

Today, I’m interviewing Marie-Elizabeth Mali about how to improve our relationships – we’re also interweaving two very important topics that are near and dear to our hearts – money and inheritances.  This is quite the combination of things to explore and it’s like you get to eavesdrop into our girlfriend conversation.  Enjoy and I can’t wait for you to get to know Marie Elizabeth.

She shares with us her insights:

  • When you start doing that it also positively impacts all the other areas; keeps you on the same team; it helps you feel better about yourself. You can indicate more lovingly and clearly because your needs are being met. You know, all those things, so they all interweave together and that’s kind of the entire framework of what I call relationship alchemy, which is a deep magic.
  • Like we do not prioritize ‘being’ in this culture. We’re a very ‘doing’ culture but everything you do and have in your life is a result of who you be. And, if you don’t spend any time attending to who you be, you’re going to burn out because you’re going to be stuck in doing. And it’s the shifting to bring in – who am I being right now? How do I want this to feel? You said it so beautifully – ‘This doesn’t feel good’. Pay attention to how it feels first and the results will flow so much more readily. And, I think that’s the magic that you teach and in your domain of money and flow in that; and that’s the magic that I teach in relationship.
  • And no matter what circumstance we find ourselves in, it’s possible to look at the circumstance and this is how I usually like to say it is – ‘What quality is this circumstance asking me to develop? What do I need more of in me, here?’ So, if the circumstances is incredibly difficult and painful, and hard, maybe, what i’m needing to cultivate is tenacity; is vision; is courage to break the mold and do something different. Maybe it’s a compassion. You know, if my circumstance was easier, so to speak out the starting gate as mine certainly was. You know, maybe the stance, the quality I’m being asked to develop is compassion; is understanding; is not being blind to what actually happens in the world. And also, not being so mired and guilt and shame that I can’t do my part to make it better.

As a Relationship Alchemist, two-time TEDx Speaker, and host of the Relationship Alchemy podcast, Marie-Elizabeth Mali shows women leaders how to cultivate deeper love and connection in their relationships. Drawing on her Master’s degree in Chinese Medicine and over 20 years of client work, she teaches people how to show up as authentic leaders in their relationships and work instead of twisting themselves to fit in. Marie-Elizabeth’s work has been featured in Thrive Global, SWAAY, and Forbes. She is also a published poet and an underwater photographer who has a thing for sharks.

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