The Way Home with Ben Katt

Ben shares the journey behind writing his book “The Way Home” after going through a difficult personal period. He discusses the calling he feels to help others “wake up” and live fuller lives, even as he was not tending to his own pain. The conversation explores the hero’s journey framework and how Ben weaves his own experience into that, making it relatable for those who feel a sense of “losing their heart” or not living to their full potential. There’s an earnestness and gentleness as he explains the small awakenings along the way. It’s a thoughtful dialogue around translating mystical experiences into something shareable with others through storytelling, and living it first before trying to tell everyone. Ben offers wisdom for discerning when and with whom to open up. Ultimately it’s a conversation of hope – that there are always new journeys ahead when we sense there is “something more” calling to us from within. Even amidst the ordinariness, we can take “the next right step” of listening to that quiet voice urging us forward.

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