The Psychology of Investing with JL Collins

A conversation with author and blogger, JL Collins about the psychology of investing. 30 years in the money business and I’ve never heard anything as profoundly helpful as what JL shares with us in this episode.  If you’ve ever struggled with the risks associated with investing, you will find yourself listening to this conversation several times to soak in the wisdom. The difference it makes to know the psychology of investing can make a huge difference in your decisions and outcomes. 

For show links:

Get a copy of JL Collins INCREDIBLE Book – A Simple Path to Wealth 

Why You Should Not Be Investing in Stock Market (by JL Collins)

Time Machine and future return for stocks (by JL Collins)

BONUS DISCUSSION Download– JL and Leisa discuss the recent bear market and some things to keep in mind when it comes to dealing with stock market jitters (recorded on March 23, 2020)


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