The Energetic Path to Your Next Level with Maii Vu

Today, I’m having a conversation with Maii Vu. She helps business women expand their wealth without sacrificing their private life using systems and processes that she’s developed over time. She is from Vietnam and lives in Australia. It so much fun to have this conversation where we talked about how we can activate our potential; manifest way beyond what we might think is possible. She gives some cool tools. And both of us are sharing because we decided to do a swap where this podcast is being aired here and also on her show and we wanted to just have this lively conversation that I really enjoyed. I’d love to hear what you think, what you take away from our conversation. I think it’s power-packed with lots of good stuff. Enjoy.

Maii shares with us her insights: 

  • I just had a conversation actually with one of my peers and he also mentioned that whoever are very successful are very keen to go into that scary zone. Because the scary zone is where everything is beyond your imagination; where everything is unlimited. I truly believe, as well for me, the next level is definitely is the next quality of life; the next quality of my emotions. And, how do I deal with my business, my life, my relationship with people. The next level of life, literally, means for me, is the next level of me – who I become better person for myself, for them, for my clients, for my business. And, I thrive to go to the next level all the time because I realized one truth is “Life is a constant change”. And by me staying in the comfort zone and staying where I am, I actually refuse to go along with the flow of life. And when I refuse to go along with the flow of life, no wonder I always felt like I’m losing out in life or I was always behind life. When I realize that it was because of my tendency to stay stucked and stay in comfort was actually making me losing out of life. Then, I made a commitment to always, always go to the next level because the scary zone, the unknown zone. That space whatever its names, it is where my next dream is. It is where my next vision is. It is where the next beautiful things would drop in that I couldn’t complain for. And all the way to live that life is just beautiful. It’s like you live in miracle zone every single day of your life.
  • I love that one because that go perfectly to also what I believe in. I believe that – I look at the tree. And I look at how the tree wants to go bigger and expands its rich further. It’s actually has something to do with deepening the roots. That both process of widening up and taking action which is like action and must-in actions is so needed that go together with deepening the roots in a way you go deeper with connecting to your senses, with your intuition, with your heart. And letting that deeper sense of purpose and intuition get into you when you are expanding. I do believe we need both in this journey in order to go to the next level.
  • Because I truly believe that our business is like a soul entity. And we, before six-figure or like on the way to six-figure is like me or you and the business is like you and dancing into that soul but then that soul got expanded or got bigger. And that covering up a lot more purpose and that bring in more energy, and also more space to grow and expand. And if people wants to grow from multiple six or seven-seven, I believe that soul-expansion has to be created. I always say to my clients, you just cannot make money because you want some money now. You have to make money because there’s a purpose behind that money. Like if you launch that program, it’s not just because you are going to make general 20k or 50k launch. But it’s because that five or ten people who buy that program will actually get the life change. And the person who supported you in that process of getting it done is also expanding their own zone.
  • It’s a totally a new game to play. And when we’re playing in that new game, all the details are unknown to us. When we are getting that support like having that mentor, sign-ups for that program, getting that books, literally, I have to remind myself every single day I wake up I absolutely know nothing. I know nothing and I have the most curiosity eyes for the next thing to come into my life. And I believe into surrendering like I fully surrendered that I’m going to be guided for the next step. I don’t have to know everything right now to have to figure it out right now. I don’t have to understand why she advised me to do this. But I’m going to trust. And the trust here is not on my coach, is not on someone like my client. The trust is about me and the universe. That ‘Hey, I’m connected to the universe’. And I trust myself to be able to go along. I trust the universe always to give me that next step, then next step, the next one and the next one… every single small step of the way. And that next step might go through my coach, through some reflections that I’ve heard, might go through a podcast like this, might go through a poet I’ve randomly seen, might go through a conversation that I’ve randomly had. But that next step would always present itself to me when I am in the mode of receiving, allowing and surrendering.

Maii Vu is a podcast host & motivational speaker, the founder of Empowered Muse. Coming from an Asian background, she has thrived to break free from the social norms, activated her truest potential and manifested crazy big success & money by simply using the Spiritual Femininity System! 

She currently helps ambitious women tap onto their hidden potential, using the Feminine Power to start living a fulfilling life of both love & success! Her mission in life is to empower the current and the next women generation in owning their big dreams and succeed effortlessly!

Notable Achievements:

– Moving from struggling single mom to 6-figure within 1st year in business – while raising an infant.

– Empowered Muse Podcast has enjoyed 90k+ downloads by 1st Year of launching, ranking top 10 in Vietnam & multiple countries 

– Author of “Daring To Dream” (to be published in 2022) – helping women live & pursue their wildest dreams

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