The Art of Living in Joy with Barry Shore

Today, I’m interviewing Barry Shore. He has an incredibly uplifting story about overcoming difficult circumstances with the health of his body.  To go from being bedridden, unable to move the muscles in his body to being able to sit upright, to travel, to speak, to do so many things that make an impact in the lives of others. Hear how he uses joy and love and peace to inspire people through the book that he has written, through the speeches that he gives and through his overall demeanor of happiness and joy. Enjoy.

Barry shares with us his insights: 

  • Smile. Did you say smile? Yes, because smile is a wonderful word that you can internalize, utilize, and leverage in your life because it stands for S-eeing M-iracles I-n L-ife E-veryday. Seeing miracles in life every day. When you can begin to do that your life has a shift. And now, you can grow whether it’s in your business, in your family relationships, in your health. Everything happens for the better, when you are able to recognize and see miracles in life every day. So, my background is coming to everybody here not only have been some stuff in a healthwise, but, thank God, I’ve been able over the past years to build two multi-million dollar businesses which I had exits and to public companies; three issued US patents. And, I built a very large philanthropic platform. So I’m out in the world. I’m doing things. Despite the fact, I can’t even sit up from this chair right now, because from the waist down and still practically paralyzed but it’s the ability to recognize the miraculous in life every single day.
  • This is so wondrous and important what we’re bringing out together, right now, because let’s be blunt very few people lives get paralyzed overnight. Very few people experience their closest relative being murdered. Didn’t totally died, you said murdered we won’t go into the depth of it. So we’re talking about tough stuff. But I want to go to the point that you mentioned the word ‘hope’. It’s a nice word. Hope in life is not a strategy. Hope in business is not a strategy. Hope is a great word. It’s one of my acronyms. Hope stands for H-elping O-ther P-eople P-rogress every day. Helping others progress every day. That is when you become a giver and you bring hope to others. Guess, what happens for you? You begin to live life to the full. Why? Living inspirationally for eternity but it only happens with one word – a three letter word that is so important for people to understand. I have a whole chapter on just this. And the word is now, N-O-W.
  • Get a blank piece of paper and make a circle on the paper. Now, here’s the fun part is that circle, a hole – HOLE, meaning and it’s empty like you sometimes inside; or is it WHOLE? That’s the whole picture. So you have to decide. You know the answer right now. And then, what you want to do is to make three lines straight line and two branches, like the peace symbol, or the Mercedes Benz symbol. You can choose either one or both. And then you brighten the three boxes. One block of one area, you make $1 sign stands for money. Another, you write the letter R where you write it out stands for relationships. And the third one, you put the letter H, which stands for health. Because all stressors in life come from three places only. They always did, and they always will. And they’ll always be with us. But again, choice not chance determines your destiny, how you respond to any one of these situations.
  • One of the great acronyms of life – ‘dog poop’ stands for D-oing O-f G-ood P-ower O-f O-ne P-erson. When you recognize the power that you have as one being and that you’re aligned; and your thoughts are good; and your words are good; and your deeds are good then you recognize that you’re a ‘mad’ person you M-ake A D-ifference in the world. Learn to love dog poop so whenever you see it from now on, you’re going to smile. Remember, smile is ‘see miracles in life every day’. And you got to remember this and it’s going to trigger. And you’re going to be able to share with somebody else because the power of one person reaching out to another to another to another to another, another. There’s nothing in the world they said nothing. There’s no barrier that can ever stop positive purpose, will, powerful, pleasant energy. It’s a law of the world. So when you learn to love dog poop, you have shifted your perspective. Remember that F&E, you got to pronounce that F&F, or else the other stuff happens. You’re going to shift your perspective and you become that powerful being in the world. So these things – breathe, deep practice gratitude, learn to love dog poop…

Barry Shore is known as the “Ambassador of JOY”. Barry Shore is a mental health activist, philanthropist, multi-patent holding entrepreneur, speaker, author, podcaster, and former quadriplegic who is now swimming around the world!

Barry’s podcast, The JOY of LIVING, is heard globally by hundreds of thousands and has over three million downloads. His latest book, The Joy of Living: How to Slay Stress and Be Happy is available on Amazon and Apple Books.

After a rare disease paralyzed Barry from the neck down, he created the JOY of LIVING Institute™ (a platform that teaches people to live in joy, no matter the situation), The Keep Smiling movement that has reached multiple celebrities and distributed millions of “Keep Smiling” cards worldwide, and Changebowl which is a philanthropic platform featured in Oprah’s Magazine.

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