Strategies for Financial Success with Dr. Darnyelle Jervey Harmon

Today, I’m interviewing Dr. Darnyelle Jervey Harmon who is a growth specialist for entrepreneurs. We’re talking about the blocks that entrepreneurs run into as they’re building their businesses. We discussed how you can stay motivated when you face failure with situations that don’t work out the way that you had first thought. Darnyelle has built a very successful coaching company and she has faced incredible hardship. I love her spirit and attitude in which she runs her business and her life. She’s very intentional and she’s sharing the journaling exercises and the practices that she maintains to keep at the top of her game. I’m sure you’ll really enjoy this.

Dr. Darnyelle shares her insights:

  • Like it was a hard. It was all of those things, but I just knew that where I wasn’t that moment wasn’t going to be where I was going to end. And then I was willing to consistently show up for myself to dust myself off; to tell myself a different story; to change the story in my mind, like I think that’s probably one of the most important exercises that I started way back that I still do to this day is I write every year. I write the story of the year right. And so, this is the positive present tense version of my life for 2022. And I like, literally, sit down and I’m talking about myself as if this is already my reality for the things that I want. And then, in the morning when I wake up, I read it. I read it out loud because the things that we speak out become the things that we experience in our life. And, before I go to bed at night, I read it out loud because that’s what I want to think about that’s what I want to permeate in my subconscious.
  • You know what I mean, it’s so it’s kind of like that kind of energy like once you’ve accomplished something really great the things that will attempt to derail you won’t have the power of derailment because you can hold on to the memory that you’ve already done something pretty great and so that’s kind of really what it is. I believe in myself. I know that if I don’t believe in myself, no one else will. I know that my confidence will close more clients; will hire more employees; will book more podcasts or speaking engagements than anything else. And so, I wear my confidence with everything that I have and I operate as if the only reason why I don’t have it, is because I haven’t decided I want it yet. It’s all mindset.
  • And so I’m extremely intentional about what I allowed to be said and what I say about myself because I know all of that has the ability to determine how I show up at any particular point in time. And for me, that is what gives me life; that is what gives me the excitement and the energy to, you know, draft an email that gives Leisa all excited when she reads it because I just want you to know that you’re, you know, every single person I don’t care what you’ve been through and I’m not trying to, you know, denounce or not acknowledge it. But you went through it to make you stronger and to make you better. And if it didn’t take you out, it’s because there’s still purpose for your life. There’s still something you need to do so let’s get to what you need to do instead of talking about what happened in the past because that isn’t helping you. It’s not serving you at any possible way. Let’s get to where it is you want to be instead by taking those consistent actions; putting one foot in front of the other; saying one affirmation in front of another; and saying it even when you don’t believe it so that you can eventually get to the point where it is a belief that you hold and it gives you power to take the next step.
  • I did it before I realized it because I was just being. I was doing. I was in action. And I think a lot of times, we don’t realize that – that is actually the way that we hit the milestones. And, as we give ourselves grace, as we, you know, really change the way that we see ourselves and open up an ability for us to dialogue with ourselves to get to the point where we’re not so hard and stringent. Like there are very few things that are black and white and finite; most things are flexible. And if we allow that same flexibility into the way that we show up in our lives and in our businesses, I think that will only create an environment for us to win more and experience even more success, instead of filling the damnation of failure.

Darnyelle is the award-winning CEO of Incredible One Enterprises, LLC, multi-million-dollar coaching and consulting brand. Best known for transforming the lives of her business coaching clients and live event attendees, Darnyelle has one mission –to normalize millions for today’s service-based entrepreneur. Fueled by her belief that if you didn’t come from millions, millions should come from you, she teaches service-based entrepreneurs how to shift from six-figure years to six-figure months in businesses that serve them financially and spiritually. Each year, 20% of her clients make the move to millions while the remaining 80% grow their business by at least200% and move closer to their million-dollar company.

Darnyelle is a 7-time best-selling author, the creator of 5 powerful business systems, and the host of the newly rebranded to the Move To Millions Podcast with Dr. Darnyelle J. Harmon.

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