Spirit-based Selling with Rob Pene

You’ll hear us talk about sales but you’ll hear us talk about really what does it mean to speak from this place of power and truth and faith. Today’s conversation is with Rob Pene. He’s a sales coach. He teaches people how to really stand-out through their speaking, through the way that they communicate.

He was born in American Samoa and came to the United States on a baseball scholarship. When he was unsuccessful in his major league tryouts, he pursued his passion through urban ministry. Eventually, finding his way to becoming someone who helps people with sales. What was so interesting to me was I wanted to understand how he brings his faith into the work that he does and how that shows up and how he can model that so comfortably and so beautifully in the world.

He said that we’re afraid of what the public/other people might think of us and that we should be okay with – “I tried it, didn’t work, okay I’m not successful”. And that, it’s a learning process – the more questions that one asked, the better he’ll become at asking questions and allow one to go to his goal faster.

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