Smart Money Mamas with Chelsea Brennan

Today’s guest is Chelsea Brennan who is a former hedge fund manager and founder of Mamas Talk Money.  Chelsea took her passion for money conversations and turned it into a thriving company that helps women learn about money mindset, budgeting, building wealth, investing, teaching kids about money and so much more.  

This week she’s kicking off her once-a-year summit that features 45 speakers and over 35 hours of dynamic money content.  Listen to learn more about Chelsea’s journey and how she got inspiring author Glennon Doyle to join the event as one of her keynote speakers and how you can join us for this fabulous event.

To register for Smart Money Mamas for free, click here.  Must register before or during event which runs October 12 through the 16th, 2020 to attend for free.


To get your copy of the Mindful Millionaire book, click here  (be sure to return to page and enter your information to get lots of freebies including the first chapter (author’s note from the book).


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If you want daily inspiration and more wealth resources, join the Facebook Mindful Millionaire Community and connect with thousands of like-minded people who share your interest in wealth building and the inner journey.

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