Showing up with Sandra Pelley

Today, I’m interviewing Sandra Pelley who is a very talented spiritual coach.  She helps her clients have more compassion towards themselves. We’re discussing the ways we’re showing up to our lives, showing up for our businesses, becoming more visible and how can you do more of that in your life. I definitely had some breakthroughs and can’t wait to hear what you takeaway from it. Enjoy.

Sandra shares her insights: 

  • And it’s because they’ve been given this space where they can develop the confidence, where they can start to be seen. Now, does this mean that they’ve gone from not being seen on camera to suddenly running a business where they’re showing themselves 100%. No, it’s a process. Because you have to go through each of those steps of first of all being heard. I think that’s probably the first one is knowing that you have something to say and everybody’s story out there is so important and show up with that story. It’s not whine about the story, but tell your story, so that people learn from it and can grow on their own. Understand that they’ve got something to say too.
  • My bike was stolen. I felt violated and yet in that moment of violation, I judged myself in that – Oh, but you haven’t been violated in a physical way. Well, stop that. I felt violated. Own that feeling and speak about it with my community because we have to recognize these emotions and feelings and own them. Show up in that feeling that emotion that you’re feeling. Because it’s so important because other people have those same experiences. So, even though it was just my mountain bike, I felt violated in the moment. And I’m owning that now because that was such a horrible part and a horrible thing to have happened to me, personally. And I’m recognizing me. And I think that’s what’s important when we tell people our stories is we’re giving others the allowance to recognize themselves right now and show up again.
  • To start to see that there’s other ways that we don’t have to do the ways that we were told they had to be done as a child. And that’s what this is all about. It’s breaking those expectations; breaking through those limitations and starting to be okay with laying down the pathway of our own growth for our own sake. Because you know what when I take care of myself, the growth I’ve seen in my husband, there’s no measurement where we would have whined and cried and screamed and bellowed and even argued over the stolen bike. We sat down the other day after coming back from the cops and reporting it. And my husband made the decision that he wanted another bike. He stepped into recognizing his value in that moment, and for our relationship, like we’re will be married 38 years in two days here right. And for him to be at that point now where he’s recognizing his value I’ve never seen this in him before. And it’s because of the work I’m doing on myself and my own path. And when I heard him say yes, go to Calgary Alberta and get this bicycle for me. It was just like this big mind blowing moment.
  • Be clear about what you want. So if you want to be seen, be clear about being seen. The thing that when you start speaking about this last little bit here, what do I want to leave people with. It’s a quote that I believe actually came possibly from one of your podcasts that Lisa Nichols said – I must amplify so I can amplify others. I know, by showing up and amplifying myself, my light, my energy, whatever that is, my love for myself that I amplified others. And that is a direct result to what I’m seeing in my husband and in my community right now is because I amplified myself so others can amplify.

Sandra Pelley – The Sandini – is an inner peace mentor and the visionary behind the Guide Academy, teaching you to go BIG with your Little You, also known as your Inner Child or Small Self. She works with empty nesters who are ready to make changes and have no idea where to start. Sandra helps them through simple yet profound steps towards a confident new version of themselves, one who can now be happy and have fun. 

As a wayshower and mentor who helps her clients through and out of a period of time where everything might seem like it’s going wrong, Sandra uses her unique ability as an energy chameleon to flow to the epi centers that are ready to be worked with. These are often events, limiting beliefs, and expectations from childhood that, once revealed, can empower these beautiful souls to new awareness around what has been holding them back.

Sandra has many healing modalities in her coaching tool kit. Life circumstances, a medical background, author of her own book, A Spiritual How-To and training in Reiki, Energy work, and Shamanism opened the doorway to limitless potential which Sandra invites you to join her in. She truly believes in infinite possibilities and that there is no limit to what you are capable of. 

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