Right People, Right Jobs with Gary Walstrom

Today, I’m interviewing Gary Walstrom who is the founder of the company called Culture Index.  His company helps companies ensure they have the right people in the right jobs.  To do this you as the employer and the employee take a quick quiz and then you meet with experts from Culture Index to help you understand what’s going on. Do you have the right person or is there someone else out there that would be a better fit? Culture Index was originally born out of a person’s desire to help people achieve greatness like they never knew they could. And, it has become an integral business strategy for over 3500 business leaders across virtually every industry. Enjoy.

Gary shares: “…and that is, people are the most important things in all companies, not just some companies. When you look at a company, it has great people doing great jobs. There’s nothing that will stop them from achieving all the goals that have ever been set for. It’s the companies who think about, you know, the famous book love to great, and they think about other things they’ve written or scene. And then they get too attracted to some of that without looking at really information that’s objective and say – well, maybe I’m kind of comfortable where I am and I go on. No, because see the people who frustrate you are the ones who are always non-performing. If you find all people in the company, they’re all performing. Then success comes from everybody, because the people love what they do. They’re being managed well at what they do. The company is being successful, but so is the human being being successful. They want to contribute. In other words, people today don’t want to just do this and do this. In other words, they’re looking for how they can make an impact on life. How can they make an impact on the world…”

Gary Walstrom was born and raised in Iowa on a small farm until he went to college to study Veterinary Medicine. After two years, he went in to the military—Air Force and became a Russian Linguist with a Top Secret Cryptographic clearance. Upon leaving, he finished his college degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on Statistics and Accounting.

Gary began working with assessments in the hiring and training of restaurant staff. He shortly thereafter became an Executive Advisor, working with Entrepreneurial companies; educating them through a process of Executive Workshops to be more capable of making good human decisions by understanding who the person really is; what motivates them and drives them to succeed.

He then began working with Louis Janda, a clinical Psychologist, test builder to build him the Culture Index Instrument for business consultative purposes. Today, there are 75 people around the US, Advising Executives on how to better manage their human capital, grow their top line and bottom line, while scaling their business.

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