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Book Review

"... this is a good one from Leisa Peterson… in (The Mindful Millionaire) she explores the psychological and spiritual side of money. I’ve read other books out there that try and fail on this score. It is, like fiction, tough to do well. This book does it very well indeed."

Book Review

"Money is an emotional subject—and all too often, that emotion is fear, writes CFP® Peterson in her thoughtful debut...Not just applicable to millionaires, or even to the modestly prosperous, this practical guide will be a boon to anyone who fears looking at a bank statement because they’re “bad with money.”

Earn and Invest with Doc Green

In this episode, Leisa is interviewed by Doc Green about The Mindful Millionaire book. We explore the connection between your brain and wealth.

The Money Exchange Podcast Interview

Interview with financial pro, PK Dixon on her Money Exchange podcast, Leisa shares financial tips to help cope through the pandemic.

Successfully Unemployed Podcast Interview

Interview with Dustin Heiner and our discussion about how to think differently about money AND how to start, run, and grow businesses to fund our lifestyle.

Scarcity vs Prosperity Mindset

Interview with Vicki Howie where we discuss my upcoming book, The Mindful Millionaire and I give you a sneak preview of the 8-step IPROSPER® process you'll be guided through as you read the book.

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