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"... this is a good one from Leisa Peterson… in (The Mindful Millionaire) she explores the psychological and spiritual side of money. I’ve read other books out there that try and fail on this score. It is, like fiction, tough to do well. This book does it very well indeed."

Book Review

"Money is an emotional subject—and all too often, that emotion is fear, writes CFP® Peterson in her thoughtful debut...Not just applicable to millionaires, or even to the modestly prosperous, this practical guide will be a boon to anyone who fears looking at a bank statement because they’re “bad with money.”

Earn and Invest with Doc Green

In this episode, Leisa is interviewed by Doc Green about The Mindful Millionaire book. We explore the connection between your brain and wealth.

The Money Exchange Podcast Interview

Interview with financial pro, PK Dixon on her Money Exchange podcast, Leisa shares financial tips to help cope through the pandemic.

Successfully Unemployed Podcast Interview

Interview with Dustin Heiner and our discussion about how to think differently about money AND how to start, run, and grow businesses to fund our lifestyle.

Scarcity vs Prosperity Mindset

Interview with Vicki Howie where we discuss my upcoming book, The Mindful Millionaire and I give you a sneak preview of the 8-step IPROSPER® process you'll be guided through as you read the book.


Money You Should Ask - Episode 93

Bob and Leisa chat about some of the hurdles people endure when dealing with emotional habits and money, including her own obstacles and successes.

It's All About the Questions Podcast

This interview is filled with tips on how you can begin clearing your relationship with money so you can have all you ever dreamed was possible.


Financial Freedom with Grant Sabatier Podcast - Ep 21

Grant Sabatier and I reflect on money, this moment, rootedness, and the lightness of being.

You Turn Podcast

You Turn Podcast - Ep 100

Leisa shares the top habits millionaires have and how to shift your mindset to align with theirs and how to overcome feelings of powerlessness in your life and financial decisions.

The Hardy Haberland Show - Ep 244

Leisa joins Hardy to do a deep dive on her story and her work.

Investing for good

Investing For Good Podcast

Listen in to hear Leisa talk about her personal journey to financial freedom and how she inspires and empowers others to develop a healthy relationship with money.

Mind Love Podcast - Ep 125

Listen in to learn how our structures are shifting to keep up with the evolution of consciousness and how to find your anchors in your life to ground you through uncertainty

Women Money

Women with Money by Jean Chatzky

Get paid what you're worth, build secure relationships, and make your money last with this valuable guide from a Today show financial editor and bestselling author.


LifenPurpose Podcast

We had an amazing and insightful conversation on my new book, my principles of money, and how I managed to achieve the success that I have.


Nurses on Fire - Conversations with a CFP Vol. 13

In this episode, we are addressing how to effectively manage emotions during challenging times and how this can lead you to being able to explore life-enhancing possibilities.

CFP ep 19

Nurses on Fire - Conversations with a CFP Vol. 19

Changes can be made by growing your wealth and investing in the people and causes you believe in. You also affect change by not investing or pulling investments out of companies that aren’t serving or are doing harm to our communities.

CFP ep 20

Nurses on Fire - Conversations with a CFP Vol. 20

Banking distrust dates back to the 1800s. If you feel there is any chance you are facing unfair treatment while applying for loans, particularly mortgages here are your tools to proactively advocate for yourself.

CFP ep 21

Nurses on Fire - Conversations with a CFP Vol. 21

Leisa opens up to us about her journey from a tumultuous childhood to who she had to become to be a Mindful Millions.

Money Life

Money Life with Chuck Jaffe

Leisa discusses her new book, 'The Mindful Millionaire,' and Chuck answers a question about dealing with a tough situation that could lead an audience member to declare bankruptcy in the future.

Stacking Benjamins Podcast

What’s worse than having a bunch of money? Having bunches of money and not knowing why you have it, or what joy it would bring…if any.

So Money Podcast

So Money with Farnoosh Torabi

Leisa opens up about her early years, depicted as “white trash” and the learnings and (un) learnings that helped her heal and grow her wealth.

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Thank You, Mama Podcast

Leisa talks about her mom Jacquie, who was a hippie in Berkley during the ‘70s. Jacquie faced many struggles but always worked hard to support her children. We learn from her to not let the past dictate your future.

Life in The Hologram Podcast

Leisa shares her years of insight as a financial planning and spiritual coach.

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How Money Can Serve As Self-Reflection

Leisa discusses what it means to be a mindful millionaire and to use your money to reflect how you feel about yourself.

Cheri Hill Show

The Cheri Hill Show

Leisa talks to Cheri about her work in WealthClinic and her mission of helping 1,000,000 people elevate their financial consciousness by helping them realize their true value in the world and beyond.

Chris Voss Show

The Chris Voss Show

Leisa talks to Chris about her journey with money. Chris also opens up about his experience of becoming successful and having money.

Build a Bigger Life

Build a Bigger Life - Ep 148

This interview with Leisa is part of a series of podcast designed to help defining and creating freedom.

Mind Over Money: Building a Healthy Financial Mindset

GROW is a community of mortgage professionals at Guaranteed Rate dedicated to supporting each other, while mindfully recognizing opportunities to encourage leadership among women.

Saavy Ladies

What is holding you back from believing and achieving your goals? What's responsibility got to do with it?

Lesia Perterson

The Gentle Business Revolution Show - Ep 47

Leisa joins Sarah Santacroce to talk about why healing your money story is so important for building true and lasting wealth.

LinkedIn Article

10 Money Mindset Books

"Speaking from deep within her soul, Peterson gracefully blends her extensive experience as a financial advisor and mindfulness. She uncovers your limiting money stories — ultimately helping you to develop a new relationship with money."


Women & Wealth: Interview - How to Face Uncertainty and Move Forward

The Women & Wealth series offers insights about the multi-faceted relationship women have with money, career, managing their finances, and how that all affects their personal and family lives.

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In 2020 Gordon Gekko Is Out, ‘Mindful Millionaires’ Are In

"As many will rethink their relationship with money in this changing reality, a new book by Leisa Peterson aims to chart a way forward, a departure from traditional capitalist principles of wealth accumulation for its own sake."

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Mom Is In Control Podcast - 774: Money Consciousness

“Even the smallest shift in perspective can bring about the greatest healing.” ― Joshua Kai

Monica Louie Podcast

Flourish to 7 Figures Podcast

Do you have money blocks holding you back? As entrepreneurs building six and seven-figure businesses, money is definitely something we need to have a handle on. But sometimes, our mental blocks around money can prevent us from achieving the level of success we are pursuing.

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Informed Choice Podcast

In the world of personal finance, the biggest challenge is the sense that there’s never going to be enough. It is this mindset of scarcity, and not the amount spent on lattes, that holds people back the most from achieving their financial dreams.

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The Membership Mastery Podcast - Ep 44

This episode was an emotional one, Leisa opened up and shared everything there was nothing filtered out here.

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Leisa Peterson on the Strategy Show

Leisa joins Simon on a live conversation about The Mindful Millionaire Book

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20 Till Takeoff Podcast

In episode 025, Tatum chats with Leisa, the money mindset queen (as she calls her). They talk about the stigmas around money, how we can change those views, and how to use money as a resource to get the things you really want in life.

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