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Today, I’m speaking with Debbie Allen who is an incredible coach and a long-time speaker who teaches people about developing their expert status and being able to speak on stages and coach their clients in a more effective way. Debbie started working in the family business right after high school eventually became one of the highest-paid speakers on the speaker circuit!  During our conversation, Debbie is sharing many of the lessons she’s learned along the way about speaking, becoming an authority in your area of specialty, and money. Enjoy!

Debbie shares:

  • I got to say this to your listeners, if you’re listening to this right now, are you still waiting? Because you’re going to be fearful and you’re not going to want to invest in yourself. And you’re not going to want to put the money into your business like you should. And you’re not going to want to put into your personal development and  your mindset stuff. And you got to. Because if we don’t shift this, nothing will shift. If we stay stucked, the world will stay stucked. So we have to go fast pivots. We have to go – this is going to be it. And it’s more of a push and you know that too, Leisa that it’s a little bit more of a mindset push. We get up as excited. I would say even first starting the New Year after the holiday was like get up, get excited going back to what I was doing. No,  I wasn’t this excited for this year and I would tell you it’s because even though, I can have my goals in place and I’m a planner – even though I have a plan and I feel that’s something is going to and knocked that plan apart so I have to have a lot of a, b and c planned. You know some, hmmm I’ll just pivot over here…
  • I think, you know, all of us as experts, whatever we teach is that we’ve done it so well that we assumed people know what we know and we don’t. And so that’s like when you work with mentors and give you the answers very quickly. Give you those pivots that you can do to get back on track and start moving forward. And also, even myself, I’m constantly working with mentors and mindset coaches, and business. And again, I’ll say this one more time before we wrap up is that I believe that personal development and business development go hand in hand and you need to be doing both. You can’t do one without the other especially when you’re going through challenging mindset times…
  • Money means is like kind of a scorecard, I guess. It’s like I’ve always – I like the feeling of success like it just gets me jazzed. But I’ve always used the word success before I used money and it’s always been that way, you know, it’s the by-product of it. Because when you’re financially free because you’ve set yourself up, you don’t think about the money as much as it is lifestyle and success and how it feels for you. That’s how it changes throughout the years. So I feel very secure, financially secured like when I have an idea of let’s go on staycation then let’s do this. We don’t ever question to do it. I feel very, very blessed. But I worked really really hard to get that. And even though I feel that way,  doesn’t mean I’ll just going to sit back and just wait for everything to start back up again and do nothing. Because I can’t. It’s not who I am. And you know that too Leisa, when you’re an entrepreneur when you’re a creator, you’ve got to be doing something that brings in money because money is the scorecard of success. And it also feels like, you should by that point when you’re an expert, you’re a highly paid expert that is, you feel valued when you’re giving people success and that again is the scorecard is – ok let me give you money for that because you’ve helped me. So it all is going ties together but I don’t think about it money is just ‘Oh, I can go and spend this’. Not at all, it’s very much like financial freedom. Feels good…

Debbie Allen aka The Expert of Experts is an internationally recognized business growth and market positioning expert. She has been a professional speaker and business mentor for 25 years and presented before thousands of people in 28 countries. 

Debbie is a bestselling author of 9 books, including The Highly Paid Expert and hosts the Access to Experts Podcast. She is also a VIP Contributor for Entrepreneur Magazine and an award-winning entrepreneur who has built and sold numerous million-dollar companies in diverse industries.

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