Practical Wisdom with Nicky Dyal

Today, I’m interviewing an exceptional person who I’ve gotten to know for the past few years, Nicky Dyal. She is a coach and a rock climber. She has taken what she has learned as an extreme athlete and being a professional in that area and channeled it into this transformative work that she does with her clients. Very interesting to learn about how she’s channeled her life into her business. So I was so excited to bring her on the show and I know you’ll take away a lot from this conversation. Enjoy…

Nicky shares her insights:

  • Especially outside of established structures, like you were saying, outside of a corporate structure that’s reinforced and backed up by society and taxation systems and just like everybody is supposed to get an office job you know. And for me as an athlete just being swept up in the tide of able bodied people who like can perform and push their body to do whatever they want seemingly with like a magic wand. Know it’s really the only path and it looks different for everyone, it could be a death, it could be the end of a relationship. Again, not many people choose to leave behind the thing that’s giving them so much validation, you know, ego validation that’s making them feel so good. Not many people make that choice, and I think entrepreneurs are people who are doing that. And to me, that’s leadership is doing something different from what other people are doing and having that those humbling experiences that connect you ultimately to more people and open your heart to the experiences of more people. And yeah, what a gift to like have had to have experienced both sides of that.
  • Well, I think I just care about people I care about. My experience and he care about the experience of other people. And starting from that point, I then had to realize there’s lots of people in the world, I, myself included, who have experienced pain, because of society. And you know, being enabled-body, college-educated Ivy league white person I had a lot of access to communities and money and conversations that would make my life easier and more manageable. And that’s not true for everyone. And if I, but my my world doesn’t really feel at harmony, yeah when I know that there’s so much suffering. But also like i’m not in the UN. I’m not a politician so like where’s my point of power actually right. So it’s in what I create my day to day experience. How does that feel – am I kind to people, etc. But then, I also realize to like broaden how good my day to day experience felt. It would be helpful to understand other people’s experiences, who are different from mine and those conversations are obviously outside of my normal lived experience.
  • Honestly that’s such a relief. Isn’t it? Like I actually find it a relief that other people have had different lived experiences than I do. That’s how I grow like that’s it’s a relief to me to understand that some people have had it easier than me in some ways, for example, you know. For it when I hear that someone has had it more harder than me my heart opens both of those things are delightful. Oh my heart opening is a wonderful feeling. And also understanding that there’s like potential for more ease in the world is also a relief to me. So kind of like, no matter how you slice it it’s nice. It’s like wonderful to realize that other people look at things differently and that different experiences.
  • Because they want to care more about the world like people want to be more comfortable with what they care about and less afraid to act on what they love. There’s very little societal incentive to like live with your heart on your sleeve or to live according to your values. It’s much like you said earlier it’s much easier to live in a corporate structure or whatever. And I think that provide an exciting and fun time. Moving towards being able to live according to what brings you joy. And like that’s kind of like a cliche coach thing to say. But like getting to just like not be afraid to care about what you want to care about. I think that’s especially what our times are calling for, and I offer that to people in, I believe, like an exciting and you know my favorite words are cozy way. And sassy just like, let’s live a little. Let’s just like shoot from the hip a little bit and take some risks. And realize that we felt like we are going to die, but we weren’t actually in danger. And that’s like a fun way to party, you know.

Nicky is called the climbing whisperer as she is a professional climber/athlete. If you want climbing to have joy and meaning, she wants to help you get there through her mentorship for the contemporary climber.

She is also a coach. If you want to lead with integrity and humility — Nicky wants to help you get there – for your heart, bravery and mastery, for a world rebirthing executive coaching. For her, of all the fears, sharing how much you care can be the most terrifying as we might say it the wrong way or too late, be misunderstood, or worst of all, offend the very person we hope to uplift and what our world needs most is leaders who understand the reward is in the risk.

She works with leaders who – care about their impact on others; know that facing their fears regularly and with integrity is essential to good leadership; strive to embody both confidence and humility in their decision making.

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