Humane Selling with Sarah Santacroce

Today, I’m interviewing my good friend, Sarah Santacroce. Sarah is a coach and an author, who wrote about Selling Like We’re Human. It is filled with so much good information for those of us coaches, consultants, who regularly sell your products

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Presence in Business Ownership with Debbie Allen

Today, I’m speaking with Debbie Allen who is an incredible coach and a long-time speaker who teaches people about developing their expert status and being able to speak on stages and coach their clients in a more effective way. Debbie

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The Art of Customer Feedback with Dr. Matt Champagne

Today, I am interviewing Dr. Matt Champagne, PhD. We’re discussing client and prospect surveys and the pioneering research that he’s done over 25 years on maximizing the uses of customer feedback to grow your business and your profits. We’re sharing

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Niching Your Way to Wealth with Stephanie Breedlove

Today, I am interviewing Stephanie Breedlove of Breedlove Capital. Stephanie co-founded Home Pay, a full-service company that helps families process, payroll, and taxes related to their household employees. I heard from John Warrillow about Stephanie’s experience with selling her company

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The Art of Business with Steven Morris

Today, I’m interviewing my good friend Steven Morris. We’re talking about art, business, new paradigms, and ways to think differently about business.  Steven’s new book, The Beautiful Business recently came out and I couldn’t wait to share more about Steven’s

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Sparkling through Big Challenges with Astrid Mueller

Today, I’m interviewing Astrid Mueller. I invited her to share about her experience over the past year of being diagnosed with cancer and how that changed her life. Astrid recently released her new book that helps you give yourself permission

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