Awakening to Life Mastery with Laurel O’Sullivan

Today, I’m having a conversation with Laurel O’Sullivan. Laurel is a life mastery coach who helps people in engaging in the second chance in their life – fully embracing their lives, living optimally. And, one of the tools she uses

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Never Want to Retire with Leisa Peterson

Scarcity mindset has the ability to plague your thoughts and prevent you from making meaningful changes in your business. Today Leisa is sharing what it really takes to break free from the cycle of scarcity so you can create a life that you never want to retire from.

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Polish your Pitch with Barbara Boldt

Today, I’m interviewing my client Barbara Boldt. She is a specialist when it comes to pitching to mastering the messaging that you use when you are networking. When you’re connecting with new people. When you’re sharing who you are and

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How the Enneagram Works with Nicole McDonough

Hello and welcome to the Mindful Millionaire show. This conversation with Nicole McDonough is really fascinating because I don’t know that much, know that I’m a seven or at least that’s what the test tells me when I take them.

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Relevant and Referable with Bill Cates

Today I am interviewing Bill Cates. How can you make good choices in your own business and how can you share what you’re doing with others so they want to refer your business? How do you do that? Bill said:

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