When Shifts Happen with Leisa Peterson

Today, I’m shaking things up. I’m having a conversation with you and I’m going to share insight gained from a very unexpected situation that occurred when I was invited to go to GAIA Studios, be interviewed by George Noory. I

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Enjoying Your Business with Susie Carder

Today, I have my friend, Susie Carder, on the show and she has had quite a history that she’s sharing. She ran Lisa Nichols’ business for several years then went out on her own. I think she said in 2015,

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Why People Buy From You with Stever Werner

Today’s conversation is with Steve Werner who’s sharing what goes on in people’s minds before they buy, before they decide to work with you; what’s happening from a psychology standpoint and how it can help you improve the sales in

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Thriving Relationships with Marie-Elizabeth Mali

Today, I’m interviewing Marie-Elizabeth Mali about how to improve our relationships – we’re also interweaving two very important topics that are near and dear to our hearts – money and inheritances.  This is quite the combination of things to explore

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What’s Your Sparketype with Jonathan Fields

Today, I am interviewing my friend, Jonathan Fields. Jonathan has been an incredible source of inspiration and support over the years along with his wife Stephanie. I’m really excited to be sharing his latest book with you “Sparked“. We’re talking

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