Creating Viral “Hooks” with Jake Thomas

Today, I’m interviewing Jake Thomas. Jake runs a site called Creator Hooks and also Goldenhearts.co. During our conversation, Jake shares how he got his beginnings in digital marketing and what’s behind the success he’s had in a short period of

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Money and Relationships with Ed Coambs

Today, we’re having a conversation with Ed Coambs. He is a financial therapist and also the author of “The Healthy Love & Money Way”. We’re talking about attachment styles and how they impact your financial well-being. And, Ed is the

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Building a Saleable Business with John Warrillow

Today I have the honor of interviewing John Warrillow. He’s the founder of The Value Builder System™. He’s written several books including “Built to Sell”. He is an expert at helping business advisors and business owners understand the dynamics of

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Yin and Yang of Money with Kathryn Eriksen

Today, I am talking about the Yin and Yang of money with Kathryn Eriksen. Kathryn has been a long-standing client of my company WealthClinic. She’s come to my retreats, some workshops and definitely served as an inspiration as I was

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Money Talks with Your Parents with Cameron Huddleston

Today I am interviewing Cameron Huddleston. And we’re talking about parents and making sure that we’ve had important conversations with our parents about financial planning and what’s important to them. How do they see their financial needs as they age

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Freedom to Fly with Vincent Pugliese

Today, I’m interviewing my friend Vincent Pugliese. He’s the founder of the Total Life Freedom community and we are talking about having the freedom to fly in your life. And, I came up with that at the end of the

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