A Spirit-Led Life with Jenai Lane

In this intriguing conversation with Jenai Lane, you’ll discover: Tune in to uncover the secrets of living an authentic, purpose-driven life guided by your highest self. You won’t want to miss the wisdom Jenai shares in this thought-provoking episode! ***

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How EMDR Helps Trauma with Amye Cole, LMFT

I am pleased to be interviewing Amye Cole, a licensed marriage and family therapist specializing in EMDR therapy. Today, we’re discussing EMDR and how it helps with trauma and PTSD. EMDR therapy offers hope for individuals struggling with the lasting

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The Way Home with Ben Katt

Ben shares the journey behind writing his book “The Way Home” after going through a difficult personal period. He discusses the calling he feels to help others “wake up” and live fuller lives, even as he was not tending to

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Improving Your Messaging with Sage Polaris

Today, I’m speaking with copy-conversion expert Sage Polaris. We’re discussing many fun things when it comes to copywriting to increase engagement with your community.  As you know, I prefer to get to know the person behind the business and today’s

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