Playing the Long (Marketing) Game with Todd Brown

Today, I am interviewing Todd Brown who is a master-marketer, copywriter, educator, and author. Todd Brown is one of my mentors, and he is somebody whom I’ve been following and learning from for many years. I have grown a lot from his teachings and the two biggest things that apply most to my methodology are the unique mechanism and the offer awareness spectrum.

In this episode, we talked about some of the critical elements when it comes to developing sales messages: marketing intellectual property and how to differentiate yourself from the competition.

This is one of the best conversations in my guest podcasts. You will get a lot from this and I can’t wait to hear your takeaways!

A few of the key topics we discuss:

  • Marketing and selling are not the same activity. 
  • The importance of having a unique mechanism when it comes to marketing your programs.
  • The offer is the make-or-break component of any campaign.
  • The power of differentiation.

You’re going to want to turn off all the distractions and get focused when you listen to this conversation. If you are in business and if you are responsible for marketing or sales in any way, then you’re really going to learn a lot by listening in. I cannot believe our good fortune to learn from someone who’s so incredibly talented at what he teaches!

Todd Brown is considered the #1 authority on engineering profitable customer acquisition campaigns. He is the expert other experts go to when they need help with their own business.

With clients in over 33 different countries, operating in over 65 different mass and niche markets, it’s been said that Todd has helped his students engineer more six and seven-figure funnels than any other expert online today. His list of coaching students, consulting clients, and subscribers reads like a Who’s Who of A-List Entrepreneurs. His Agency has created the promotions behind some of the biggest direct response marketers and companies online today. And, entrepreneurs fly-in to West Palm Beach, Florida — from all around the globe — for a single day of guidance with Todd to learn his renowned E5 Method.

Todd shared this — “Now we just need to understand why. And then it’s that? Why, what’s the result of doing these five steps? Why do you only have to do these five steps? Why in this order, we’re able to take that information that we uncover during that interrogating, and that becomes the heart and soul of the education-based marketing, which is what we then use to lead somebody to realize. “Yeah this, I see why this method, this mechanism, this framework is what I’ve been missing. I realize that’s the way to do it.” So ultimately we’re leading by the end of the marketing portion of the campaign. We’ve led the prospect to say – “Yeah, you know what, you guys, you’re right. That is the right way to do it. That is, I get it. It makes total sense. I see it”. Then when we segue into the offer, which becomes very simple. That’s why we put together XYZ package and let me tell you everything that you get with it and everything that it will do for you. They’re thrilled! They’re like – “Thank you. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to get this mechanism that I now realize is the best thing for me”. And so, it’s just a beautiful thing in motion and it doesn’t have that icky factor, right? It’s not pressure, it’s education. So there’s value being delivered. You’re positioned as an expert, as an authority, as a resource. And it’s beautiful because your position is all those things. You’re giving value. You’re giving aha’s while you are just methodically and strategically leading them to see your mechanism as the answer so that when you present your offer, folks jumped at it.” 

— Probably a perfect way to end our time like that. You know, it’s very easy, especially as your business grows and you’ve got, you end up with thousands of people on your email list. To start to look at these people, to start to not even see them as people, but to see them as contact records, like to see them as a list, to see them as a database. And, one thing that I’m really grateful for is that I’ve never lost touch with the fact that there are real people on the other side of all of our communications with real goals and dreams and aspirations and fears and families. And, we need to treat them the right way and respect their time and do the right thing. And, I think that- that’s part of playing the, you know, the long game, like do the right thing, you know, and I believe when you do the right thing and the right thing happens… 


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