Membership Program Strategies with Lisa Princic

Today, I’m interviewing Lisa Princic. We’re talking about membership and business building and the strategies that we’ve learned along the way as it pertains to building a community that takes the things that you love to do and what you’re passionate about in helping people with and brings all of that into a successful paid membership. I know that you’re going to get lots of ideas. I sure did. Enjoy.

Lisa shares her insights: 

  • So you have to not get overwhelmed by what you’re seeing; what you’re seeing as a lack of. When you don’t have hundreds of members, you’re not going to see everything firing. So that’s just helps you ease your mind towards like the realistic expectations and also give some frameworks for like you can actually do this and it can be really small and work really well until it starts to grow…
  • Right, like people who really like saw you somewhere and then want to join versus like I’m clicking an ad, like that’s not the same level of connection. So yeah like I think we do need to be really developing relationships. Really thinking about our ideal member all the time, and what they’re wanting to hear. And then having that conversation wherever we’re having the conversation; what resonates with them. I mean I love mentorship inside my membership is because I get tons of validation like I get to know what people like; what they’re working on; like I get to learn from that. That really helps me to just even go out and do my next podcast episode because someone said I could listen to your podcast here’s what I’m really liking. I’m like – Thank you, this is helpful, so I think that yeah really human relationships. It’s you got to love your clients and that’s number one…
  • It’s a choice right. But if you don’t, so you can’t expect to grow a million dollar business, if you don’t really want to work. It doesn’t mean you have to work a million hours, because we can be smarter with their time. But, you know, when we’re starting we do put in a lot of time. Like we have to because you got to push that boulder up the hill right? So, you got to get a little bit honest with yourself. Because it takes a lot of trial and error and you don’t know how long it’s going to take to get there or you pick up a really useful skill set like copywriting or Facebook ads or something like that people just cannot do. And then you become amazing, which is a different way, because that might not be your dream, but then that as you’re getting paid well to do good work. This is a valuable skill set and then you elevate that too. So that’s being said, you can have the choice around, are you going to do something on the side, this may not be the dream model. Or you’re going to, and then you can rest on that when you start changing; or like an agency or something or are you going to just let that go and make the decision. So it’s like but really decide how far you want to go for how long.

Lisa Princic is passionate about both business and personal growth. She says that overcoming challenges and striving for our goals are the actions that grow us as humans. That’s where she focuses her energy – helping you build your brand, create offers that can scale, expertly position your brand and design your marketing to give you the most impact. A service-business that can scale requires a focused business strategy – one that’s designed for you and your business only. She doesn’t believe that one-size-fits-all frameworks actually work and for her every model is unique. She’ll help you hone in and focus on those subtle differences – your core success factors. Based on the vision of your business and the desires of your ideal clients & members. 


She has traveled to many countries; kite-boarded in a number of oceans, logged endless miles on her mountain bike and sat FOUR 10-day silent meditation retreats.


She’s both passionate and level-headed. She has a knack for seeing things for what they are – a true realist. This also allows her to see the gift you have and the right place for you in the market. A Human Design reader told her once that she can absolutely trust my gut. Her spirituality is fuelled by nature, her heart is fired by her son and her ambition comes from her desire for truth and personal growth. She is an independent seeker whose conquered most of her demons and that’s what makes her a good thought partner for emerging thought leaders. 

She lives in the heart of the Coast mountains in Squamish, BC.


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