Living Your Best Life with Linda Claire Puig

Today, I’m speaking with Linda Claire Puig. Linda is a long-time coach. She has done amazing things with her business especially around being able to focus on traveling and still doing your business and how you can get more out of life and expand into the life you really want to be living. Today, we’re talking about her journey about what she’s learned along the way as a coach, some of the breakthroughs that she’s had and how she’s helping her clients to live their best life. Enjoy.

Linda shares her insights: 

  • That I was going to utilize every asset that I had. So what are my assets? Okay, my assets are my programs. My assets are my ‘Done for you’ products. My assets are like I just took inventory of everything that I had. And then, of course, the biggest asset in my business, in anyone’s business is their audience. Right – because you can do anything when you’ve got an audience that you have a great relationship with that you nurture that you know, engage with them. You can do anything in your business…
  • Yeah, email list is what I always refer to. I’m actually, an outlier in that. I don’t use social media for business at all. And, I know, right, big eyes like what? I’m not saying that it’s bad. For a lot of people, it’s a really good place to find your audience and track. But the thing is – this is the important part, attract them to your email list. That is yours. The audiences on Facebook and Iinstagram and wherever else, they’re technically not yours, they don’t belong to you. Your account can be shut down at any point. And I’ve known lots of people who, for whom it has been shut down, whether by mistake, whether by miscommunication whatever. Right? And so, it’s just really, really important that the bulk of your activity on social media, if you choose to do that is in finding ways to engage and attract them over to your email list.
  • And I started writing my list about that experience and about my dog; and about how she came to us and, like not at all about business, but it was really important. And, I got probably the most number of response emails from people that I ever had before. Maybe when I took my son to College and the turmoil of that maybe that was the one other that I got a lot of additional responses. But you know, people want to know you as a real human being. And so, in addition to writing them about whatever the businesses that you’re in, write them about your life. Write them about how your life and that business topic intersects – like that’s one of my favorite things to do when I travel is to take these experiences that I’m having while I’m traveling. But make business metaphors out of them. Make business lessons. So, I think those two, you know, pay attention to getting people on your list. Whatever you’re doing make sure that it’s with that in mind. And then the second one is to really spend time nurturing that relationship…

Relationship marketing expert, Linda Claire Puig helps solopreneurs develop a loyal, engaged audience and turn them into clients and customers, while her popular Ready2Go Articles take the time and effort out of nurturing those audiences. 

Linda is the author of FREE and The 6-Figure Newsletter. She loves to travel the world with her business and is also the co-founder of, which brings groups of professionals and entrepreneurs ages 40+ to international destinations to live, work and travel in community. When she’s not traveling, she lives in gorgeous Northern California with her rescue dog Lulu.

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