Journey to Possibility with Charles Rose Jr.

I have an interview with Charles Rose Jr. Charles grew up in Freeport, Bahamas in a very close-knit family. He has a passion for helping people realize their dreams and one of the ways he does that is through real estate investing. And today, the conversation is really about hearing Charles’ story and the things that he overcame to get where he is today. I was very personally touched by his story because I related to it in my own journey of not letting our life circumstances dictate our life and how we can set our sights on something more. So as you listen in, be thinking how can you set your sights for more and what choices you might need to make in the future to create the life that you want to create? Enjoy.


Charles shares her insights: 


  • The semester, I was interviewed on TV about my story, like you know, that was crazy for people on the island, like a lot of people haven’t even been from one end of the island to the other. Like island people just kind of stay where they are often. And so it’s like it’s crazy guys, it was on TV and it was so amazing that this story reach so many people and encourage so many young people to go after their dreams. And you had like people call in the TV station – millionaires like who are from all around the world, because you know, a lot of people have like vacation homes in the Bahamas. And just people calling wondering, how can I help this young man out. So my story was like you know, very different. So I was able to get, you know, all of my school and funded. And I didn’t ask for any money on TV. They just wanted to help me achieve my goals because they did know, I went off in faith that first semester, and so they helped me to finish college. And I got some more scholarships over time, too. So it was just you know so amazing. It was such a blessing. And that shows that you know, whatever you want to go after in life, you just have to take that step of faith even you know you don’t have to have all the answers.


  • Yeah absolutely Leisa. And I love how you really broke it down. It’s not about you know running away from the pain. But it’s really if any of you want to run, you know, you run towards the pleasure. You run towards your purpose and your goals, and you know, and that is so powerful to when you can put your goals in the front of you and be able to like work towards that is so much better than just trying to avoid pain. And because you know in life, you know there’s gonna be some challenges there’s gonna be some struggles. I just talked about my story with the ups, the downs…


  • By then I would want want to meet my cash flow goals, where I have so much cash flow coming in, so I can be completely completely financially free with my friend answer freedom numbers. I have different levels of financial freedom. You know the one of the first levels, it’s kind of like where my income is more than my expenses. And I’ve hit that level. Then I have another level, where I want, you know, to have like you know, maybe like five times my expenses. And so, I’m working towards that level where my wife and I, we could both be stay at home parents. And then, and just to be able to be with our kids and grew up with them and just to be able to love on them. And then you know, the other side of the goal is to help as many people as I can. And to achieve that goal is something that I’m so passionate about. I love to see when people hit their goals…


Charles Rose Jr. is a Real Estate Investor and coach who works with new investors to help them close that first cash flowing rental property on their path to financial freedom. He also helps other investors scale their business into a 6 figure real estate business.


Charles Rose Jr firmly believes that getting in the right investor mindset is key to being a successful real estate investor. He is a co-host on the Master Passive Income Podcast with Dustin Heiner, and was a featured guest on the Breakthrough Millionaire and Living Off Rentals Podcasts. He is also the Community Manager of Master Passive Income, and a speaker at REWBCON (Real Estate Wealth Builders Conference).


Charles Rose Jr holds a Bbachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from Charlotte University, and is the author of Journey To Success: Defy The Odds & Realize Your Dreams.


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