How to subscribe and leave a review on iTunes for Mindful Millionaire

To leave a review from your computer:

1. Click here to get to the Mindful Millionaire Podcast on the iTunes website.

The Millionaire Paradox

2. Click on the purple “Listen on Apple Podcast” button under the podcast name to open it in iTunes.

3. Click “Subscribe” under the podcast cover. A pop-up will appear where you can confirm you want to subscribe.

This is what you should see:

4. Click on “Ratings and Reviews” under the podcast title to get started. You can choose how many stars you want to rate the podcast right below the average rating. 

It looks like this:

5. Click on the “Write a Review” button and in the box that pops up you can enter a title and write a short paragraph about what you like about the podcast (it doesn’t have to be too long. A few sentences is fine!). Once you are done click on the blue “Submit” button. 

The button looks like this:

The pop-up looks like this: 

You’re done! Thank you for your review.


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