How to Save More Money with Nick True

Today’s guest is Nick True who is the founder of Mapped Out Money.  Nick helps people manage their finances and save more money through tools like which is a budget management system that we are both big fans of.  During our conversation Nick is sharing what he’s learned over the years about using ynab for his own family finances and how he’s been inspired to create hundreds of videos about money management that help 1000’s of people around the world!

Nick True is a married twenty-something from Tennessee, currently settling near the beach. Through Mapped Out Money, Nick writes and speaks about personal finance, budgeting, and Slow-FI, all while traveling full-time with his wife and four pets in a 27ft Airstream. He is passionate about teaching people to enjoy their money now, while also saving and investing for the future. With some creative help from his wife, Hanna, Nick aims to help you understand finance and manage your money, so you can get on with living your unique adventure. 

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For Business Owners, watch this video by Nick about Profit First and Ynab.


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