How a Meditation Podcaster Built an Empire with Katie Krimitsos

Excited to interview Katie Krimitsos about her journey as a long time business owner who has had phenomenal success with creating the Women’s Meditation Network.

By listening in you’ll learn how:

-Katie Krimitsos built the Women’s Meditation Network, a company with 20 podcasts and over 4 million monthly downloads, by following her passion for writing and meditation.

-She made tough financial decisions and invested significant money into production quality and marketing to grow her business, even when it meant being in the red for the first few years.

-She developed the skill of trusting her intuition and taking decisive action, constantly evolving and learning from her mistakes along the entrepreneurial journey.

-To balance business growth with personal life, prioritizing time and energy management, and learning when to delegate tasks to focus on her strengths.

-The importance of monitoring finances closely, budgeting properly, and continuously educating herself on financial strategies as her business scaled.

To learn more about Katie and to listen to her meditations, go to www.

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