Hiring a Copywriter with Samantha Burmeister

Today, I’m interviewing my friend Samantha Burmeister who is a copywriter. We’re discussing when you would use a copywriter in your business, how they could help you, what you need to do before you hire someone and how to make sure that when you do you’re getting the most from that experience. So enjoy this conversation around messaging. It’s really fun to learn more about Samantha, her journey into copywriting, and how this skill of copywriting could help your business grow to the next level. Enjoy.

Samantha shares her insights: 

  • I find that it’s best to give a comparison here because copywriting and content writing are very similar but different. So what I have most recently been telling people in that is that copywriting is for people and content writing is for computers. And what I mean by that is oftentimes, we’re told you need to start a blog so that people can search you and you know SEO insert different things here. So that’s where you’re writing for computers, so that you’re searchable. And that’s content. Copy is writing for people. Copy is typically leading people to a specific action. You know we’ve talked about CTA is calls to action. And copy is driving those actions so whether it’s clicking here purchasing something making an emotional decision, that’s copy.
  • Because copy is what’s going to connect the dots for people it’s going to take them from their problem to the solution and then far beyond it. Because the solution is never someone working with you. The solution is someone works with you and then they’re able to continue living the life of their dreams, you know, whatever that may be. So, the solution goes far beyond the purchase point and that’s where good copy takes people.
  • I did not work on any of these campaigns, but an example is that Nike and Adidas existed for decades before All Birds came out. Yet if you walk around downtown San Francisco, everyone in their is going to be wearing All Birds shoes. So we see that all the time that sometimes it’s something that is it’s just your special sauce. And All Birds use this because I’m pretty sure, a lot of people have heard of this All Birds. Their special sauce was simply that they use wool instead of non renewables, like the other guys. So it’s identifying what that special sauces and then really amplifying why that’s important to your audience and if it’s not already important to your audience then it’s explaining to them why it should be important to them.

Samantha Burmeister is the Founder & Lead Copywriter at Nomad Copy Agency.

At Nomad Copy, every business they write for receives bespoke copy to help them turn their sales process into a hands-off, high-conversion experience. 

Sam has worked on dozens of online service provider launches, many of which earn the client six figures (or more!). Ultimately, her goal is to empower the entrepreneurs she works with to sell more, simply – so that they can focus on delivering & designing the life of their dreams.

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