Finding Prosperity with Mopelola Gloria Fagbemi

Today, I’m interviewing my friend and client, Mopelola Gloria Fagbemi. Gloria is an amazing woman who has a very interesting story when it comes to divorce and how that led to finding a job that brings her lots of joy. We get to hear about her experience with meeting Simon Sinek and how that impacted her life, as well as, what she’s doing to create greater levels of prosperity in her life. Enjoy.

She shares with us her insights: 

  • When I told him the money, he, you know, they approved – wasn’t enough to cover. You know, babysitting and the private school that the other two kids were already going to and then baby sitting wants the new baby King do. And it was like “Okay, like lady, you should know that going forward life was changed drastically. Your life would never bethe same. I think, it really hurt me. But at the same time it set me on a really good trajectory to know that – “Okay, you need to start making changes, almost immediately. And then, so one thing this whole mindset that has taught me is also not to judge people…
  • But one thing I try to teach my kids now that I’ve learned throughout all this experience I think comes from my Dad. And it’s needs and wants and opportunity costs. And some costs. And there was a time like it was always in the house somewhere where everybody could see another. So it’s needs and wants, opportunity costs, sunk cost and there’s one more. Courtesy costs nothing. And because sometimes, you know, you invest so much in things that you just want to keep going. When the real thing you should do is actually to just consider all the costs you’ve spent and just make the right decision going forward. So hopefully, my expectation is that I’ve been able to impart that to my kids too. Because it’s been some of the reasons why I’ve done some of the things that brought me joy…
  • Oh, that one is easy. It’s that, now I can speak up and I’m not perfect at it, yet. But I can almost sense my inner voice. And I believe now that I had it as a kid but you know, people just made me not do it and not be that person. Because all it is at the end of the day is you just speaking your truth and doing your truth. So if there’s nothing else I’m proud of in all of this journey than that. Yeah, so excited that I found it. It’s like you’re a kid again but you’re an adult.
  • I think it makes such a difference. That in our lives, and I think that might also have been the turning point where now that I’ve become the person watching loves the job that you know, that should join us. Eventhough that wasn’t my goal, but I was – “Okay, you know what, yeah I love who we serve. We serve the vulnerable people in the state of Maryland. We serve the adults, you know, we serve children. So I’m here to make their life better. And, in doing that, like I show up to work every day, knowing that even though like I’m in the headquarters, like everything I’m doing supports the job of the local offices to help those people. How can you not love the job you’re doing when like you’re helping other people…
  • So we need to do that. Hold them, as long as you can. Push them to get that GED then when they get out there, they can go figure the rest out. Like, even if they flunk the first year of college, they will figure it out by the second year. And then they have three more years to bump up their brains. But we shouldn’t just be, yeah, leaving them in high school and letting them just like they don’t listen. So because of that, you know, that whole love thing can preach. That’s where it comes in surrendering and just loving them more where they are; pushing them through to the end. I see that so differently now for our boys.

Gloria is on a personal journey to become financially debt free and to find her one true vocation, calling and life’s work that she have been called to, apart from her 9-5 career as a Budget Analyst; and besides being a mom.  

You’ll find her creating content around personal finance, child development and spirituality; sharing on how to develop and organize well as an adult and from a young age so that we can learn our inner voice and own our power. 

Her mission: To Help Equip, Empower, and Engage Children, Youths and Families To Develop Well And Be Organized In all Areas of Life.

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