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Today, I’m interviewing Samantha Riley. She’s an authority positioning strategist, author, speaker, host of Influence by Design podcast. And, she’s built multiple businesses over the past 28 years. Today, we’re talking about Human Design and how that fits in to the coaching business she’s built. It’s a super fun conversation. You’ve heard me talk about Human Design before in the past. It’s something I have found a lot of enjoyment with. It helped me understand myself better as an entrepreneur, as a leader, things that really took the pressure of off me. I’m a generator which means that I create ideas differently than manifesting generators and what was really funny is that Samantha is a generator as well. So, we’re going to be talking about our experiences with Human Design as coaches, as business-coaches and so much more. Enjoy. 

Samantha shares with us her insights: 

  • People strategy and authority. So strategy is the way that they’re designed to respond to the world. So the way that this plays out for people is understanding, maybe, how they marketing or maybe how they’re attracting all sorts of opportunities into their world so that would be one piece. And the authority which is the way that we’re designed to make decisions. And, this has a profound impact on a lot of people as well because we’re taught through, you know, from the time that we’re born that we make decisions by thinking where we’re using our brains to work through a process. But we’re actually designed to make decisions from the neck down. We’re designed to feel the decisions. And this is a really different dynamic to, you know, what we’ve been taught. And this is certainly had an impact in the way that I do business because as a pure generator, I get this message in my sacral.
  • This just happened to me a couple of weeks ago. I had someone on the phone, who was an emotional authority. We had a very quick conversation. She went- ‘yep, let’s see I want to work with you’. And I went – ‘you know what I said, I know that we’re going to be amazing together, but I actually want you to go and think about. I’m going to touch base with you again tomorrow. She went – ‘But why?’ And I went – ‘because I feel really confident that I can help you. I know that you’re going to get amazing results with me, but I want you to feel comfortable with that decision.’ And, she actually she did sign up and she messaged me the next day and just went – ‘I just felt so good in knowing that I had. I was empowered to make that decision and I felt comfortable.’ And she was brand new to human design, so I hadn’t experienced that before and instead of having this relationship that started off with a lot of friction. It meant that we started off a relationship with a lot of trust and a lot of confidence. And it makes so much difference when you can start working with a client in that way.
  • I really do think it’s worth looking into human design. So that you can start to understand where the friction points are. When you understand, you know what you’re here  designed to do, how you’re designed to interact with the world. It makes a lot easier and what it does, when you know these things it gives you the confidence. And as business owners people buy confidence. So when you know what those pieces are, energetically, it just aligns. And people will suddenly be attracted to you or they will start to search you out rather than you trying on other people’s strategies or the way that they do things on. And go through this trial and error of – ‘I did that and it didn’t work and I did that and it didn’t work’. Just to really understand the way you’re designed so that you can start to be unapologetically who you are meant to be because there are not two of us on the planet that’s the same. So, yet we still try and do things like other people. So to really lean into who you are and just really embrace that and embrace the difference, rather than get frustrated with the difference.

Samantha Riley is an authority positioning strategist, best selling author, speaker, host of the Influence By Design podcast.  She has built multiple businesses over the past 28 years, and grew her first 7-figure business from the ground up before she was 30.  Samantha now works with experts and change makers to become the unapologetic leader in their industry, and build their elegant empire.

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