Challenging Structures of Racism in America with Ruby K. Payne, Phd.

Today’s episode is with Ruby K. Payne who is a leading educator when it comes to breaking the cycle of poverty in America starting with changes in our educational system.  I asked her to share her insights with racism so we can better understand how it contributes to poverty and oppression and what can be done to re-educate ourselves about the narrative that has enabled the structures of racism to continue.  

I look forward to hearing what you take away from this powerful and enlightening conversation.

Ruby K Payne, Phd.

Ruby K. Payne is the leading authority on working across economic classes to create sustainable communities where everyone can live well. As a result, her work has changed the conversation in education to focus on poverty. Ruby’s work has expanded into social services, criminal justice, healthcare, the workplace, and more.

Ruby has written or co-authored more than a dozen books, including Bridges Out of Poverty with Philip DeVol and Terie Dreussi-Smith. Her seminal, award-winning work, A Framework for Understanding Poverty, has sold 1.8 million copies and continues to help individuals of all economic backgrounds achieve academic, professional, and personal success.

She holds a Ph.D. from Loyola University Chicago, and she is the founder of aha! Process, a training and consulting firm that has been in business for more than 20 years.

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