Being Mindful about Inflation with Simone and Leisa

Today, I am continuing the series with Simone Griffin. We are talking about inflation today because I feel like it’s such an important topic especially when not everyone understands what’s going on. We see it at the gas station. We see it at the grocery store. So how can we help ourselves in planning for the shifts that are happening with our money?  What can we do to take good care of ourselves financially with so much uncertainty surrounding us?  I love talking to Simone about these sorts of things. And, I hope you enjoy this and many future episodes where we talk about timely topics that can make a difference in your life. Enjoy.

Simone and Leisa shares with us their insights: 

  • Leisa: You and I both know that we want that. No matter what, for everyone, we want everyone to be feeling like you’re living a beautiful life but what’s it going to take to have a beautiful life and maybe it costs less. Looking for free alternatives for things, whenever possible, you know, because there are free things. And then I think the other thing that could help is coming to terms with your values and your priorities and getting so crystal clear of what’s most important and what’s least important. And then those things that are least important, perhaps, are the things that drop off. But any other thoughts that you have?
  • Simone Griffin: It’s so funny you said pretty much what I was going to say in terms of prioritizing. And, you know, I think that there’s so much happening in the world we’re going to take it outside of money and put it into the world. There’s so much happening in the world, and just so much, and not just based on the news, saying. But also what’s happening in our lives that I think it’s really important not to feel like you’re sacrificing. So really still live your very best life. But look for ways that you don’t necessarily have to spend more money and or prioritize what is the most important thing, what brings you joy – real joy, real fulfillment. And I even wrote this thinking – no pun intended. But being very mindful about your millions and making sure that you are really looking at – ‘All right, is this really serving my true fulfillment. Like is this bringing me absolute pleasure in doing it?’ And if it doesn’t, don’t do it, especially if it costs a lot of money. You know, don’t do it, but if you find something that brings you sheer like I love every minute of this. Keep doing that. Number one, figure out what can you can let go of so that you can have that more.


  • Leisa: Oh it’s so good. It’s so healthy for the body craves. Most of us are deprived of two things – air and water. And we can get by with less than we need. So we don’t know that is actually not optimal. But if you can spend more time breathing and focusing on your breath and getting really oxygenated. And drink more water and feel what it feels like to have more water in your system. It’s amazing.
  • Simone Griffin: And your skin looks better as a result of it. Just gives us better and so many different things. It’s funny, the more we take care of ourselves in simple ways, the more they’ll show up in a manner that maybe we won’t need as many facials or you know other things that are costing us a lot of money. And even I will tell you guys, one hack and everybody doesn’t love walking or running. But if you get out in the morning and you just go walking that does not cost any money, number one. It doesn’t cost any money other than the cost of your sneakers.

  • Simone: I think that there’s so many things that we can do. We don’t have control over inflation. We don’t have control over all of this stuff. But we do have control over what we do every day. And I just want to reiterate what Leisa and I are both saying is we do not want you to sacrifice or feel a level of lack in life just because you’re looking for ways to combat inflation in your house. Would you agree?
  • Leisa Peterson: 100%! Now, I feel like this is a really important conversation that we might not be economists. But we have limited – we have been around the block a few times. We’re just sharing that. We just don’t want you to be caught in a situation where you feel like you have no choices. We want you to always be looking at where are your choices. And making decisions about money, learning more about money, helps us to feel more empowered with money. And we want you feeling empowered because the only place that any of us are going to feel like that we could live an optimal life is from a place of empowerment. Not from a place of feeling like we’re a victim to the system.

  • Leisa: I just want to put something out there that also never hesitate for asking for help. Like, if you ever get stuck or you feel like you can’t come up with options – like think to yourself, who might have a different perspective. They’re not maybe in my situation, but who can I go to – to get resources. And that can be food, and you know, the resources as far as things you actually need asking for help. But it can also be mindset shifts or ways to look at your situation differently. They give you possibility rather than scarcity and getting caught in the scarcity trap. Does that make sense, Simone
  • Simone: It does, it does. It brings up the notion of I’m willing to see things differently. And the more we can be willing to see things differently in a positive way, the more apt we are to be able to move forward and do put ourselves in a better position.


Simone Griffin believes that everyone holds the power and capacity to become financially successful and sustainable.

Simone currently serves as Vice President of Affiliate Relations for HomeFree-USA, where she oversees compliance, federal and private funding, and Congressional advocacy for 53 affiliate organizations nationwide. She also implements federal government grants, as well as those from various funders and private banks. Throughout the housing crisis, Simone managed a program which acquired, renovated and sold foreclosed homes to low-to-moderate income families. During her tenure, the program placed over 412 first time homebuyers into newly refurbished homes.

Prior to becoming Vice President of Affiliate Relations, Simone served as Executive Director of the HomeFree-USA Homeownership Center in Atlanta, Georgia. In that role, she provided oversight and guidance to a team of Homeownership Advisors and Support Staff in general operations and the execution of foreclosure counseling, homebuyers’ education, downpayment qualification, and the acquisition, renovation, and sale of bank-owned homes in Metro Atlanta. She also headed all local marketing and advertising initiatives.

Prior to joining HomeFree-USA Simone served as Director of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (CBCF, Inc) Student Homeownership Opportunity Program (SHOP) and SHOP For Wealth. Both programs were designed to encourage homeownership and wealth building opportunities among students at the nation’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). Over three years, Simone visited and worked with 60 colleges and universities. 10 students went on to purchase a home within one year of college graduation, and hundreds more took the first steps to repairing their credit and building wealth.

In her 20 year career in housing and financial services, Simone has seen what has worked, what hasn’t, and the best ways to ensure a win-win-win for the consumer, mortgage industry and government. She’s been on the ground serving Americans during incredibly pivotal times, and fully believes that we all win when we find the common ground.

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