Awakening to Life Mastery with Laurel O’Sullivan

Today, I’m having a conversation with Laurel O’Sullivan. Laurel is a life mastery coach who helps people in engaging in the second chance in their life – fully embracing their lives, living optimally. And, one of the tools she uses is astrology. She’s going to be talking about how that has helped her gain context for the life that she’s living and how it propels her forward in helping others find their optimal pathway in life. I love this conversation because we’re really talking back and forth about some of our life experiences and the realizations that we’ve had as a result of those and also the context of what’s happening with the planets right now. It’s not necessarily my specialty but, I tried to keep up with Laurel and it’s really, really fun. So, enjoy this conversation. I hope you take lots of magical transformational ideas away from it.

Laurel said – “I always felt like I know so much about myself, yeah, I need to learn about running the business but, I don’t understand how the two connect. I don’t understand how my own challenges are getting in the way of the business because we just don’t have this pattern in one part of our life, we have it in all parts of our life, and I think that’s been a huge benefit of being with other entrepreneurial women going through some other journeys where we all can get stuck on our own way but, we’re also there to support each other…”

Laurel O’Sullivan is ‘The Woman’s Coach’ and a visionary advocate who inspires women around the world to live their best lives. She does this by drawing upon the wisdom of astrology to help her clients identify their unique life purpose so that they can live the life they were born to live from a place of total self-acceptance, free from the judgments of the past. Laurel also channels her twenty years of experience as a lawyer and advocate – and her own deeply held wisdom earned from traversing every imaginable type of life transition to help her clients connect with their personal power so they can wield more influence in the world. She lives in Evanston, IL with her husband Tim and their blended family of 5 kids plus their dog, Blue. In her free time, Laurel loves to combine her love for travel and hiking. She has hiked the Grand Canyon, portions of the Appalachian Trail, the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal, Cinque Terre, and Macchu Pichu. Her next challenge is hiking the Camino de Santiago.

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