A Spirit-Led Life with Jenai Lane

In this intriguing conversation with Jenai Lane, you’ll discover:

  • What it truly means to live a spirit-led life and how it differs from an ego-led existence
  • The transformative journey that led Jenai to tap into her intuition and develop the Spirit Coach® Methodology
  • How to cultivate a deeper connection with your body and inner wisdom through simple yet powerful practices
  • The role of love as a state of consciousness and how it can help you navigate challenging times
  • Practical tips for strengthening your intuition and learning to trust yourself on a profound level

Tune in to uncover the secrets of living an authentic, purpose-driven life guided by your highest self. You won’t want to miss the wisdom Jenai shares in this thought-provoking episode!


Jenai Lane is a spiritual coach and entrepreneur who has experienced a transformative journey, leading her to live a life guided by her true purpose. Through her studies with enlightened teachers and training in intuitive/healing arts, she has developed the Spirit Coach® Methodology, which she has used for over 15 years to inspire and assist entrepreneurs in realizing their highest vision.

Jenai’s gift lies in awakening the Divine within her clients, helping them clear blocks and access their own truth. She offers various programs, including online courses, practitioner training, and in-person gatherings and retreats.

Prior to her spiritual journey, Jenai was a successful entrepreneur, founding Respect, Inc. at the age of 24 and becoming an inventor of patented and trademarked products. She received numerous awards and media recognition for her business achievements.

Currently residing in Sedona, Jenai continues to coach, write, and co-create her vision. She has released two books, “Spirit Led Instead: The Little Tool Book of Limitless Transformation” and “The Spirit Led Instead Playbook,” with a third book, “What Would Love Say?” in progress. Jenai offers a free online course to help individuals transform fear into love.

To learn more about Jenai – go to https://www.spiritcoachtraining.com/

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